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Ballot drop boxes banned!

The state of Missouri, a typically Republican state, has now banned Ballot Drop Boxes.

House Bill 1878 was signed by Mike Parson on Wednesday. The legislation requires voters to show a photo ID in order to vote in elections conducted after August 28th. Voters will now also be required to provide identity verification.

More can be learned by clicking here.

Why wasn’t this done before? Is it not common sense that without verification, voter fraud will be easily achievable?

People can still cast a provisional ballot without a valid photo ID but they will have to sign an affidavit declaring they are a registered voter. This will then get verified by officials.

Many Americans backed claims that some votes seemingly came from people who were no longer alive. These “dead people” somehow voted in Michigan during the last election run - immediately contributing to voter fraud.

After all… who would vote for a man who can’t structure a coherent sentence together without a flash card?

Biden can’t guide himself through his own building without getting lost, but is now supposed to guide the American people? How did a person that is this incompetent get into power if it wasn’t for voter fraud?

This latest attempt by the GOP supermajority in the Missouri legislature to enact a voter ID law will likely be challenged in the courts. While lawmakers have approved the idea numerous times, and voters approved putting it in the state constitution in 2016, voter ID laws have never withstood a legal challenge, according to a report in the Missouri Independent.

Why should this be challenged?

Would it be challenged if a 13 year old had to show ID to buy alcohol?

Then why would ensuring that elections which decide who will be the leader of the free world, be challenged?

More amazing information can be found by clicking here.

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.



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