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Egypt has invited billionaire Elon Musk to visit the country and see for himself that its famous pyramids were not built by aliens. Why would they feel the necessity to prove this? For what reason...

Egypt's Minister of International Co-operation Rania al-Mashat responded on Twitter, saying she followed and admired Mr Musk's work.

But she urged him to further explore evidence about the building of the structures built for pharaohs of Egypt.

Elon tweeted the below;

There is one principal argument that proponents of the theory that alien life constructed the giant pharaoh tombs refer to. They say that it just wouldn’t have been possible for humans to build them back then. The Pyramids are over 4,500 years old. Back then engineering was relatively basic and the task of assembling such huge polyhedrons was extraordinary. Join here to learn more.

Take The Great Pyramid, for example. The largest of Giza’s three structures and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. At nearly 500 feet tall, the thing is 756 feet long on each side and made up of more than 2.3 million stones. Each stone weighs nearly 3 tons each. That's a total mass of well over 6.5 million tonnes.

The Great Pyramids’ location is not insignificant. They weren’t just randomly plonked in the sands of Egypt. Not only do the three buildings align almost perfectly with the stars in Orion’s belt, they also have quite telling coordinates. You can learn more about this with a brand new TV series & Documentary by joining UNIFYD TV, click here.

The exact geographic coordinates for The Great Pyramid itself are 29.9792458°N. The speed of light is - rather remarkably - exactly 299,792,458 metres per second. Ancient alien researchers point to this as proof to their claims. Precision, when it comes to measuring the speed of light, was only honed by man in the 1950’s, so the Ancient Egyptians couldn’t have known about it. 

Watch Hidden Revelations here.

People of the past did not have the knowledge, technology, and/or capability to achieve all that they are said to have accomplished, so someone or something else was involved. Ancient alien proponents will tell you Egypt’s great pyramids, for example, or Peru’s Nazca lines were really due to extraterrestrials, while hyperdiffiusionist proponents will tell you they were built by residents of Atlantis.



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