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Hitler’s Animal Hormones

German soldiers in World War II were amped up by methamphetamine, which enabled them to keep fighting for days without sleeping.

There are private records from Hitler's personal physician, Dr. Theo Morrell, who kept track of the approximately 90 varieties of injections and pills he gave to Hitler, including treatments made from animal hormones.. Animal Hormones?! What's particularly intriguing is that I don't believe that this stopped with Hitler. These drugs almost made Adolf the most powerful man on the planet, which is an attractive ideal for all deep state elites.

When the Nazis took power in 1933, they imposed strict laws against drugs. They were the first German government to actually wage a war on drugs. But then, in the mid-1930s, there was a company in Berlin called Temmler which developed a new type of medicine - as they called it in the beginning - which was methamphetamine, which they branded as Pervitin.

If a substance is the source of your power, the easiest way to ensure nobody else has access to this power is to make it illegal and unobtainable to the general public. I wonder what else the deep state are doing this with. Maybe DMT?.. more truths can be found on a brand new platform endorsed by the Truth community. Click here to learn more.

I bet a lot of what we see nowadays, in terms of laws, stem back to Hitler and how powerful he became... how much of a threat he was.



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