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Starlink - Shot By Both Sides

The register writes:

Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front line reported outages on the Starlink satellite internet service.

The outages were most notable in the southern Kherson region, where the most intense fighting was taking place.

Starlink is used for force command and communication, as well as relaying drone video for targeting decisions: the loss was described to the Financial Times as having a “catastrophic” impact on the rapid advances Ukrainian forces made at the time.

Is this what this war is really about?

This is the most important war for many decades, and Starlink is enmeshed at the highest level as one of the smallest players.  There are tensions aplenty – see the mid-October spat about who pays for what, where Musk said he was being short-changed by the Pentagon, then appeared shrugged it off the next day.

Starlink, and Elon Musk, have a huge part to play on the global scale - for reasons that only us Truthers know fully.

Maybe the reason this war was initiated was so that Russia can be exposed to Starlink as the US was not allowing them access. The mentality of; If you can't buy it, steal it. Possibly, the only way Russia could be exposed to these new technologies would be if they were victim to it?

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