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Insane Leaks

The founder of a website that published the below information has now been arrested for showing the world top-secret information.

In November 2007, operating procedures for Guantanamo Bay were published on the site, showing that the US army were keeping prisoners from Red Cross inspectors and holding new prisoners in isolation for two weeks to make them more compliant.

In 2008, sensitive information from the Church of Scientology was featured on a website, including variations of the Bible, and secret Bibles and notes from founder L Ron Hubbard. The church threatened legal action following a leak on WikiLeaks

In 2009, more than 500,000 confidential messages regarding the 9/11 terrorist attacks made their way to the website, including exchanges from the Pentagon, the FBI, FEMA and the NYPD, showing their response to the disaster.

Famously, a 2016 leak also saw 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails make their way out, which US intelligence later determined had been stolen by Russian hackers. The emails showed that Democratic representatives favoured Hillary Clinton over opponent Bernie Sanders, and had provided her with debate questions in advance.

The man behind all of this has now been arrested.

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