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They Planned This From 2020

"Gasoline prices are falling, the president’s approval rating is up, the White House is on a bit of a legislative roll, and the Right’s overreach on abortion rights and Donald Trump’s possible indictment seemed to have generated a genuine voter backlash against the GOP, just in time for the midterms."

The Federal Reserve, in many ways, has proven that it has no idea how to handle an economy when things start going wrong. But, what is really going on here?

Let's break it down in two very simple parts:

1. Gas prices are... "falling". Why? There's no secret that one of the biggest wars is USA vs China. In fact, this is the real reason, I believe, that the Fed printed so much money in 2020. It was to circulate more cash and buy resources from other countries, so that they can start bringing production within the US -hence the push on electric vehicles. The war of West vs East is very much among us.

2. inflation is at soaring highs and yet, the US dollar seems to be gaining a lot of foreign power still. How? It's because the money the Fed printed has bled into other economies, and inflation is now attacking all parts of the world.

"Over the past few weeks, several of the Federal Reserve’s bigwigs have made clear the US central bank will press on with its controversial strategy of raising interest rates to tame inflation, the risks of an economic slump be damned."

- Hmm, I wonder why an economic slump is about to occur.

Late last month, Powell acknowledged his strategy would “bring some pain to households and businesses.” Then why did the Fed start this all to begin with? -there's another agenda at play.

The Fed engineering a recession yet again is a political choice. But so is standing by and letting them do it unchallenged... Why?

I believe it is to induce an economic reset. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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We the people.

P.T. Penrose.



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