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Whistleblower: Medical Murder

The below is an account from a witness whose brother was more or less tragically murdered through the US Medical System.

''I witnessed my local hospital intentionally take my un-vaxed younger brother's life at 58 years old.

The hospital that was supposed to be taking care of him injected him with morphine and a muscle relaxer while verbally coercing him into being put on a ventilator. Within 45 minutes of him being put on the ventilator, the nurse was on her cellphone to the Dr, giving him the billing code at 7pm as she was leaving the hospital.

[Side note: see the below for the cost of Covid-19 treatment in the US;

The average cost per patient on a ventilator (Mechanical Ventilator, MV) tops $65,000. Is it hard to believe that medical professionals don't encourage making so much money off of the sick and vulnerable? Let's continue... ]

I was there 25 hours trying to talk my brother into saving his own life while the staff were attacking me. They would come at me 2, 3, 4 people at a time -telling me I am causing my brother more problems.

I put Serenity (a calming blend), and Breathe essential oils, on my brother in a coconut carrier oil. On day 6 my brother was told to get his "affairs in order" and that his lungs "were shot". My brother believed them because they told him he "tested positive for CV19", and after I turned up on December 27, 2021, my brother was beginning to cough up lung gunk that was blocking his airways.

The hospital staff poured on their shaming of him, and myself, to regain their control over him again. They were very forceful about my brother going on a ventilator... for their bonuses, and ultimately his organ.

At one point I attempted to get him moved out of the hospital and they prevented my every move. They cancelled the ambulance I arranged to move him in, and cancelled the better hospital ICU I arranged for him to be transported to as the hospital refused to give him intensive care unless he agreed to go on a ventilator. This similar scenario also happened to my Virginian cousin, a young man of 46 years.

I have videos of my brother where he was so dehydrated he couldn't blink his eyelids where he was given no fluids for 5 days. Yet, he was urinating very heavily despite being dehydrated.''

Why would you persuade someone to get on a ventilator if you had given them just 6 days to live anyway? It sure seems like they wanted to squeeze all the money they possibly could out of this patient.

On April 21st 2020 it was released that by using ventilators more sparingly on Covid-19 patients, physicians could reduce the more-than-50% death rate for those put on the machines, according to an analysis published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Why would hospitals then pressure so many individuals to go on MV's? It's very clear that there was a financial agenda to this.

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.


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Biznatch P
Biznatch P
Aug 05, 2022

This infuriates me! I am so very sorry for your loss. May your brother Rest In Peace. Every single doctor, nurse and person responsible for all of those deaths in 2020-current will have to answer for all of there murders and crimes. maybe not in this world and time BUT they will ultimately have to answer for them and pay the ultimate price.

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