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Who Are The Rothschilds?

The Rothschild family is a wealthy and influential family that has been present in European and American finance and politics for centuries. The family's origins can be traced back to the 18th century, when Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a German-Jewish money changer and trader, began to build a banking empire that would eventually stretch across Europe and into North America - effectively allowing the family to own and manipulate the financial system.

The Rothschilds' rise to power and wealth began in the late 1700s, when Mayer Amschel Rothschild established a banking business in Frankfurt, Germany. He quickly made a name for himself, and his business soon began to expand. He sent his five sons to establish banks in different cities across Europe, including London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples.

These banks were connected through a complex network of correspondences and secret messages, allowing the Rothschilds to quickly and efficiently transfer money and information across the continent.

The Rothschilds' success in banking was due in large part to their ability to provide loans to governments - meaning that the governments were in large part in debt and owned by the Rothschilds. This allowed them to gain significant influence over the political and economic systems of the countries in which they operated. They were particularly successful in providing financing for the British government during the Napoleonic Wars, and were instrumental in funding the Duke of Wellington's army during the Battle of Waterloo.

In addition to their banking operations, the Rothschilds also amassed a vast fortune through investments in various industries, including mining, real estate, and art.

The family is said to be in control of the world's banking system and manipulating global events for their own gain. Others have made anti-Semitic claims that the Rothschilds are part of a Jewish cabal working to control the world's financial and political systems.

In recent years, the Rothschilds' banking operations have been restructured and the different branches of the family are no longer connected as they were in the past. However, the Rothschild name is still well-known.



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