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You Should Never Do This!

I don’t know about you, but when I used to go to the doctors with a sore throat, they would tell me to boil the kettle, pour some hot water into a cup, and add some honey - then drink it.

You should never do this.

Boiling or cooking honey changes the molecular structure and causes the honey to become very toxic for the human body - which then leads to more sickness. Cooking honey leads to the production of a substance called HMF which creates toxicity in the human body. Not only this, but the honey also loses 100% of its nutrient value.

Studies show that in addition to cooked honey; old honey, processed honey, and honey stored at higher temperatures will also build up HMF and become toxic.

This is why it is very important that you only consume natural, raw, pure honey.

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Studies report honey stored at low temperatures and/or under fresh conditions has low or minimal HMF concentrations, while aged and/or honey stored at comparatively higher or medium temperature has high HMF concentrations.

You must:

  • Avoid honey that has been heated during processing 

  • Avoid honey that has been stored for any length of time.  

  • Store honey in your refrigerator to protect it from HMF damage. 

Benefits of Honey:

  • Honey warms the inside of the human body

  • Honey is good for your blood

  • Honey is a lot safer for your body than sugar

  • Honey brings balance to hormones and body chemistry

  • Honey is an energy-boosting food

  • Honey helps with digestion

  • Honey helps children sleep deeper and better

When mixed with honey, medicines are easily and quickly absorbed by the body, and they spread across the system through blood circulation. Honey is also said to maintain the potency of a medicine and prolong its effectiveness.

I consume Neem on an empty stomach in the morning, and then wait about 30-40 minutes before drink luke-warm water with Honey. This keeps my energy levels high from 7am until 12pm. I would then eat lunch.

This helps with weight loss, killing cancer cells, removing junk from the body, and revitalising health.

It is very important to buy premium, good-quality honey otherwise your body will not have the correct reaction to its health benefits. The honey often found in supermarkets have been contaminated with additives and extra sweeteners, which are very harmful to the human body. You can never put a price on health.

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