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You Will Not Believe This…

There is now a bug that is dead, but it’s body can be controlled by parasites. These insects, dubbed "zombie cicadas," are under the influence of Massospora, a fungus which contains unusual parasitic chemicals. After infecting it’s host, the parasites then control the body of the insect like a zombie.

Plagiorhynchus cylindraceus, which is a parasite, lives in the intestinal tract of birds called starlings, and gets pooped out. The pill bug then consumes the poop and the parasite. Once inside the body of the oblivious insect, the parasite takes over its brain and urges the zombified bug to do crazy things, such as making its whereabouts widely known to its predator, the starling. And thus the parasite completes its journey and runs off to find another bug upon which to practice mind control.

New information regarding Covid-19 is suggesting Covid-19 also affects the brain and can cause long side effects leading to dementia. Is this the elites plan; Vaccinate us so we can have zombified brains controlled by them?

Zombie discoveries are happening all the time. Just this year, scientists discovered four new types of body-snatching fungi that prey on carpenter ants. The fungus infects the ants and then begins to use chemical signals to direct the ant on a very strange path. The zombified ant then leaves its colony and takes a jaw-grip on the underside of a leaf, where it stays. When it eventually dies as the fungus spreads around the ant's body, the fungus produces a stalk from the dead zombie's head and shoots spores out, trying to lure other ants to join the party.

A Costa Rican spider just looking to catch some bugs can be taken over by a parasitic wasp that plants its larvae inside the spider's body, along with a new blueprint. Instead of building its web, the spider spends the last night of its life constructing a silk cocoon, which becomes a home for its killers. When the silk sack is done, the larvae kill the spider. Then they take up residence in the cocoon, suspended safely above the predators of the rainforest floor.

How far do these takeovers go?

Are the deep state controlling celebrities in the same way?

The questions here are endless.

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.


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