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China’s plan to use newly discovered Moon crystal for limitless power

Lunar crystals are composed of materials that were previously unknown, according to scientists. These moon crystals have the capability to harness unbelievable amounts of energy.

In 2020, lunar basalt particles were taken from the Moon by China, making them the third country to make a new discovery of Moon minerals after the US and formerly the Soviet Union, according to the outlet. China's lunar mission was the first since the 1970s, and they collected over 1.7kg of samples and brought them back to Earth.

Is this the REAL reason that the US wanted to blow up the moon? Sounds plausible. The newly discovered mineral is called Changesite-(Y), for the Chinese goddess of the Moon Chang'e, and it was named after the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology. More information can be found here on UNIFYD TV.

The crystals are reportedly clear, and match the width of a human hair, Discovery said.

Changesite is thought to be the result of lunar volcanic activity from 1.2 billion years ago.

In 2024, China expects to complete a lunar mission that will collect the premiere samples from the Moon's far side, which never faces the Earth. Is this Dark Side of the moon where Aliens are generating their power from? These crystals? Sign up here for more information.



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