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Ex-Defence Force Murders Former Japanese Prime Minister

Dead at 67.

Japanese former prime minister Shinzo Abe was shot twice in the back of neck with bullets from a homemade gun.

This is the first assassination of a Japanese premier since the 1930’s.

The murderer spent three years working for the Japanese self defence force (Japanese Navy).

Why would you spend years in the Japanese Navy, to then murder a former Prime Minister? Mr Abe was a Liberal Democrat and the longest serving prime minister in history -and comes from an elite political family. Mr Abe’s political party has had a huge influence within Japan since 1955.

Police later identified the suspect as Tetsuya Yamagami, a 41-year-old resident of Nara and a former member of Japan’s maritime self-defence force. I wonder what Tetsuya (the murderer) knew about Mr Abe.

Mr Abe had very close connections with the Pope, the British Royal Family, and many powerful families in the US.

The Washington Post writes:

“He notably cultivated a close friendship with Donald Trump when the two were in office. He was the first foreign leader to meet Trump after the 2016 election and rolled out the red carpet during the President’s 2019 state visit to Japan”

Mr Abe also had a very close relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Let’s summarise;

  • Mr Abe was a former political powerhouse

  • Mr Abe came from an elite political family

  • Mr Abe had a very close relationship with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

  • Mr Abe had his fingers in the British Royal Family, and the Pope

I wonder why the former political giant was assassinated during the Japanese elections.

“House of Councillors elections are scheduled to be held in Japan on 10 July 2022 to elect 124 of the 245 members of the House of Councillors, the upper house of the then 710-member bicameral National Diet, for a term of six years.”

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.


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