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How Water Is Supposed To Be Consumed

Tap water has mainly been around since the discovery that chlorine can kill bacteria in water. Notice that when tap water is promoted or researched, the conclusion is that ''tap water is safe in parts of X, Y, and Z''. Nowhere in this conclusion does it say ''tap water is healthy for you and it should be consumed regularly''. Tap water is promoted with the same words as Coca-Cola and Redbull - ''safe to drink''. However, what is the best way to consume water in order to increase your quality of life? At the end of the day, we are 80% water.

Here at NVTV Blogs, we ran some tests with tap water in London, and used universal indicator paper to determine the ph of the running tap water. To our surprise, we found that the ph was that of what is should be (ph7-8). Therefore, we can conclude that the water that was tested was not acidic - which is a good start.

More information can be found here.

Which qualities would we be looking for when drinking water? We want our water to be bacteria-free, pure, and non-toxic. There is scientific research that concludes that the molecular structure of water is very important when consuming it into the body. We are all familiar with water’s three phases – liquid, ice, and vapour.

There is now a theory about a fourth phase. This phase is called structured water (also known as vortexed or hexagonal water, exclusion zone or H302).

“Structured water is also found in natural, pristine flowing rivers, streams, lakes and waterfalls all over the planet, and is essential for the cellular health of not just us, but of all living things,” says Rob Gourlay, an expert in biological research and water-structure science.

This new form of water is found in the cells of the human body and is more of a gel-like substance than it is a liquid. However, the mainstream media is professing that this is a scam, and that it is not to be trusted. Structured water, however, can be found in humans. TWE writes;

Why do plants look so vibrant after a rain, but when they are watered with groundwater, it just isn’t the same? The answer is in the molecular structure of rainwater. You probably think of the formula for water as H2O, but the water in rain, rivers, and springs is different, it is H3O2, a form of water that is beyond liquid, solid and vapor. This 4th phase of water, between liquid and ice, is known by many names including structured water, EZ water, gel water, vortexed water, and hexagonal water and is known for its ability to store and release energy. H3O2, or structured water, is the reason why plants love rain; it is energized and hydrating, as nature intended it to be.

Why would nature provide us with a certain structure of water, and then governments encourage a totally different type of water? Something doesn't make sense. Yogis and ancient spiritual practitioners believe that the molecular structure and energetic vibrations of water need to be in line with the person who is drinking it. They say that ''the best way to drink water is with your own hands. It is important that before you drink water, you touch it first'', this is so that the vibrations of the water match the vibrations of your body so that it can harmonise with your energy which is being emitted through your hands. This also ensures that the water matches the temperature of your hands and means that your body can more easily digest the water.

Videos on information like this can be found by clicking here.

In spiritual practice, one of the best ways to block a nation's energy field is to contaminate its water supply, which in turn will block thoughts and create brain fog in anybody who consumes the water.

If you are actively waking up with headaches, try to drink less tap water. Furthermore, try to consume less drinks containing CO2 (fizzy drinks such as soda) as your body actively tries to remove CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). When we breathe, our bodies take in Oxygen, and remove Carbon Dioxide - therefore it would be unwise to fill our bodies with drinks containing Carbon Dioxide.

A famous yogi said the following:

''It is not just about drinking liquid water; you must eat high water content foods. If you eat a fruit, it is nearly ninety percent water. Vegetables are over seventy percent water. Your food must have a minimum of seventy percent water content. If you eat food with very low water content, it goes and gets stuck in your stomach like concrete. If you eat dry food and then drink water, it does not work. When you consume food, it must be at least level with the percentage of water content in your own body. This is why vegetables and fruits must be a part of your diet. Fruit has nearly eighty to ninety percent water, which is why it is the best thing to consume.''


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Never trust your drinking water. It is full of VOCs. These are cancer causing agents. No one has been watching the water for decades. Take your own precautions for your household.


Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes
07 ต.ค. 2565

I drink pure water clean water in the form of DISTILLED water. My family & I all have water distillers & have used them for +8 years. It resolved my daughters eczema (she was 2 at the time) within a month & I lost weight, had a clearer mind, more energy & could actually taste again.

Now saying that I could taste again didn't mean I didn't have taste before, because I was like you, but now I can easily smell & taste the toxins in liquids & foods now because my pallette is clean. Don't eat foods like McD anymore (pure revolting substance) & can't have tap water (notice they don't say "drinking water") anymore because the flouride gives…


Peleg Yagen
Peleg Yagen
04 ส.ค. 2565

1 capsule of coral calcium can raise tap water from 7.4 to 9.8 and 9.9 when left in the daylight for a few hours

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