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The Connection They Forget To Tell Us About

Have you noticed that your body has memory? Not your mind, but your body? Muscle memory, for example. Or the type of memory where you get in your car and end up at your destination without thinking about it.

The body holds memory. What your body is remembering is of upmost importance as this influences your entire life, way more than mental memory. Your reaction to situations is moreso dependant on what your body remembers.

Everything that touches your body has an influence on your body’s memory. Every fabric, piece of clothing, animal, insect, and energy field influences your atoms on a molecular level. Each vibrational energy has an impact on the cells of your body.

You must be very careful with the clothing that you wear. Certain fabrics suppress the spiritual energy of your body, and can cause you to feel imbalanced. Have you ever felt that you want to take your clothes off? Not because you’re hot, not because you’re irritated by the fabric, but purely because you just need to feel free? This is because certain pieces of clothing suppress your vibrations. Then, once you do, do you feel your energy radiate?

You must be very cautious with what you touch as this could imprison you. This also goes hand in hand with “Earthing” - the practice of connecting with the soil of the Earth.

What you call your “body”, is just a piece of the planet. If you lose connection with the planet, you will become disoriented. Fitness and wellbeing does not mean walking on a treadmill or going to the gym, it means keep a constant connection between what you are and what you should be. You should eat healthy, and therefore if you are eating healthy, you are healthy.

You should be connected with the earth, as well as your muscles, your organs, and your sleep. If you connect with the Earth, you can draw power from it.

The key takeaways from this blog are:

  • connect with Earth

  • be careful with what you put on your skin

  • be cautious what you put in your body

  • be conscious of what your hands touch

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.

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