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Quantum Realm: Einstein-Rosen Bridge

Einstein-Rosen bridges, better known as Wormholes, is given to exist due to any mass in the universe having the ability to bend Space-Time. This is similar to how you bend the surface of your couch by sitting on it. Imagine the couch as Space-Time, and you as a mass in the universe.

Space is, at least, 4-dimensional which allows itself to fold in on itself causing Wormholes (portals) to exist in the quantum foam;

“Here, tiny tunnels constantly blink in and out of existence, momentarily linking separate places and time”

This was initially outlined in 1935, close to 100 years ago. Where do we stand with this mathematical theory now? Have we got any more understanding of how wormholes work? Is this what CERN is really about?

Our current understanding is that the Einstein-Rosen “wormhole” is not a stable structure. For anyone trying to go into it, the wormhole opens up and closes too quickly for us to travel through.

It is understood that if we manage to create a Wormhole, it’ll collapse into a singularity due to its own gravitational pull (just like in black holes) - which is exactly what happens at CERN…

Is it far-fetched to say that there is secret research going into Wormholes at CERN that nobody is telling us about?

The below is from NewScientist

“The CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is expected to generate one mini-black hole per second, a potential source of wormholes through which physicists could try to send quantum-sized particles.“

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.



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