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The desensitization of Aliens

If you were to mention UFO's 20 years ago you'd probably grab the attention of a number of people. They'd be intrigued in your experience, and want to hear more about your encounter with something mysterious.

Yet in April 2020 the Pentagon released a statement and video about UFO's and nobody paid much attention. It got barely any social media attention, and hardly any mainstream media coverage. The media done a marvellous job at clouding the information amongst Covid-19 information and lockdowns.

Above is a real picture taken from the video captured by the jet of David Fravor, a retired navy commander, in 2004.

Why did the pentagon wait 16 years to release this video?

Why are they now happy to admit that there have been three UFO's in American air-space that they cannot identify since 2004?

The navy has confirmed that the three videos released by the Pentagon are legit and were recorded by naval aviators. The Pentagon also said ''the navy has always considered the phenomena observed in those videos as unidentified''.

Why would they only speak up about these things now and not back then? Are they being blackmailed? Something doesn't seem quite right.

In 1947 there were many recorded sightings and encounters with UFO's that didn't become public knowledge. Click here to be redirected to the FBI's UFO vault of documents regarding what happened 70+ years ago. There are 16 reports across just 7 years of investigation by the FBI. The question is, why did the reports stop there?

The objects remained unidentified, meaning that there should have been more work to be done regarding investigating what these objects were, no? Then why did the FBI stop...?

We the people.

More information can be found here.


Journalist at NVTV.



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