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When Did Cloning Stop?

Whether you have woken up to the recent chaos, or still operate on autopilot, you are still very much aware of the DNA-altering technology that big corporations use.

From sizes of strawberries, to the taste of potatoes.

We now have to take notice of 'non-GM' food labels (non-genetically modified), because everything we consume has had its DNA manipulated for the sake of wealth rather than health.

What is to stop us believing that this also happens on a human level?

DNA manipulation may not necessarily be a bad thing. If an un-born child was to suffer from a condition caused by a genetic disorder, then the ability to cure this baby through DNA-manipulation would be nothing short of amazing.

More truths can be found here.

In 1984 the first successful cloning of a mammal from an embryo occurred.

The outcome was three cloned lambs that proved it was possible to clone a mammal (the group of animals that humans belong to). This was almost 40 years ago...

Then, in 1996, just 12 years later, an adult sheep was cloned - Dolly.

This, however, is just what science tells us.

Hollywood tells a different story.

Kevin Hart - after his film 'central intelligence', Hart was interviewed where he was asked how he appears to be everywhere at once. Hart's response was 'I have a clone'. He continued to very seriously say 'cat's out of the bag. There is three of me.' He continued to say 'this is major news that I'm giving you', 'they didn't want to release it'. The interviewer then totally avoided Kevin's response and simply said 'okay' and proceeded to talk about the film... totally avoiding the weird answer that Kevin provided. Why three clones?

Winona Ryder - at the 2017 SAG awards, Winona pulled very unusual faces. Her face seemed to not know what it was doing, almost like it was malfunctioning, and when her co-star was asked to explain why Winona was acting the way she was, the reply was;

''I think it's just because she couldn't hear what David was saying''... though she was the closest person standing next to David.

Click here to find out more.

Even if these events have nothing to do with adult-manipulation/cloning… we can agree it’s very unusual and out of the ordinary.

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.



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