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We Have Never Been Taught How To Eat

We’re born, and then we figure out from there how we use our mouths to eat food and drink water. How are we supposed to do it, though? What’s the healthiest way to eat so that we can properly digest our food without it causing internal problems for our bodies?

Yogis, monks, and spiritual practitioners have known for thousands of years that how we chew food directly impacts the life-energy we feel. Yogis, especially, have a phenomenal understanding of how the human body interacts with the things we put directly inside it. Why don’t scientists and modern-medicine teach us what Yogis teach?

Let’s take one very big, important factor in overall health: chewing. Did anybody ever teach you how to chew? Have you even been to a ‘doctor’ and they ever advise you that your headaches, belly aches, bloating, low energy, acid reflux, etc, are a cause of not chewing food correctly?

Try chewing a mouthful of food 25-35 times before swallowing. You will quickly begin to realise the astronomical health benefits of digesting your food 30-40% in your mouth before it enters your stomach. You will develop stronger jaw muscles, neck muscles, and face muscles - along with a healthier gut. Bloating will decrease, energy levels will increase, and overall health will elevate.

We have had mouths since the first human walked this earth. Why has no scientist ever thought about studying mouths and how chewing affects the body? It’s worrying to think that doctors do not pay attention to how food enters the body, but are very quick on prescribing tablets that enter and ruin the body. Sign up to UNIFYD TV for more information, click here.

We the people.

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Journalist at NVTV.



Marna Ehrech
Marna Ehrech
Sep 04, 2022

My mother knew all about it. Raising us kids in the 60s, she always admonished us, CHEW EACH MOUTHFUL 32 TIMES!!! But she got me doing yoga and meditating at age 6, so she was way ahead of the curve....


Jul 23, 2022

This is quite interesting. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for keeping these short.

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