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Banks Freeze Accounts!

In early 2020, China began to buy as much gold as they could possibly get their hands on.

Now, in 2022, in the province of Henan, 400,000 customers have had their bank accounts frozen for a total sum of $1.5bn. What’s China doing with these people's money, and why’s China buying so much Gold?

The CGA says that between January and September of 2021 China bought 813.59 tonnes of gold, more than 48% higher for the same period than in 2020. That's already close to the figure for the full year's consumption in 2020, which was 820.98 tonnes. In 2019, the figure was 1,002.8 tonnes.

The Chinese official records state that they are holding 1,948 tonnes of gold right now, which equals $3.2 trillion in foreign exchange holdings. We also know that Russia has now backed the ruble with gold. Are we about to see the return of a gold-backed currency? What is this Gold war between Russia, the USA, and China? And why are they keeping it such a secret? Boris Johnson has now resigned, and the U.K's economy is not doing well at all. Nobody wants to take responsibility for the collapse of the financial world, and it is obvious that a huge shift needs to occur for the main economies of the world.

Why is China buying Gold, Russia backing currency with Gold, and the USA hoarding Gold, but not telling any citizens to do the same? What are they keeping from us?

As time goes on, the idea of the Anunnaki (an Alien race that controlled humans through Gold) becomes more feasible and believable. What is the government's obsession with this rare metal and no other ones?

In 2020 we watched the entire world of government follow China's chaos and methods of lockdowns, vaccines, and fear. What is to stop our governments from copying China and freezing our bank accounts too, just like China’s doing?

According to released data by the World Gold Council (WGC), as of September 2021, the total amount of gold held in reserves by central banks globally exceeded 36,000 tons for the first time since 1990.

Zimbabwe is now going to start selling gold coins as their local currency is beginning to fail to hold - and gold maintains its value. Paper money has no value, and yet our banking system runs off of paper and debt. For a new system to be put into place, wouldn't banks have to get rid of debt?

What are we not being told about?

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.


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what about Australia or don't we count.

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