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YouTube Censorship Just Got Worse

Nicholas is already extremely careful with saying “buzz words” on YouTube videos so that the corrupt elite can't flag him as going against their narrative. Yet now we see Nicholas not only shadow banned, but also all-access banned from YouTube for two weeks - to which, lead to a permanent ban just 7 days later.

Why? I wish we had a definitive answer.

Yesterday NVTV uploaded an interview with Gene Ho, Donald Trump’s photographer, that was watched by thousands of people before YouTube took it down with the following justification, “Video too long - video upload failed”. Yet, the video did upload, and the video received thousands of views and hundreds of comments before being taken down. Why would they lie? And why would they lie to us, knowing that we know the truth anyway?

Not only this, but two other older videos were removed due to the videos not following YouTube’s (owned by Google) guidelines. The following was given by Google;

“Removed due to medical misinformation that goes against the medical experts of Covid-19”.

Experts? “Experts”? They proved time and time again during the pandemic that they knew absolutely nothing.

It is proven that C-19 Vaccines did not stop the spread of the virus, and yet if you were to discuss this scientific conclusion you would be silenced.

Since when did science only become science if it fit a narrative?

The governments that tower over us wouldn’t even listen to the experts. In the UK, the “experts” said we should not be in close contact and therefore people weren’t even allowed to be next to their loved ones in hospital when they were dying… all whilst the prime minister Boris Johnson was having parties at Downing Street, violating the very guidelines and rules he put in place to “protect” us.

There was a significant increase in all cause mortality after the vaccines rolled out.

“In previous years each of the age groups 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ have mortality (death) peaks at the same time during the year (including 2020 when we all suffered the April Covid peak at the same time). Yet in 2021 each age group has non-Covid mortality peaks for the unvaccinated at a different time - which was the time that vaccination rollout programmes reached a peak”.

Are the vaccines being used to spread a different disease which unvaccinated people will get sick from? The data sure supports this theory.

Back to censorship - it is fairly obvious from the above that censoring any conversation about this topic is senseless and an excuse to enforce power for a certain narrative / outcome. Energy flows where attention goes, and the collective manifestation of people’s consciousness can be easily manipulated. Once this occurs, the future can literally be re-written by forcing narratives and blocking information for the collective consciousness of the entire human race.

Click here for Nicholas’s new back-up YouTube account.

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.



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