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Operation Midnight Climax

No, this is not the start of a spin-off to 50 shades of gray. This is the name of one of the CIA's mind-control experiments with the American people.

This mind-control experiment ran for an entire decade before being shut down. The CIA hired female sex workers to help attract men into a San Francisco brothel, where they would then be drugged for the sake of human experimentation. The hired women would give these men LSD (a psychedelic drug). The mirrors on the walls in the rooms of these brothels were actually 1-way mirrors where on the other side the CIA researchers could watch how these men act when paired with sex and drugs.

The goal of the experiment was to see how men could be mind controlled through LSD, and if it were possible to develop a 'truth drug' for when the US detain high-profile subjects and require information from them. This lasted 10 years, until eventually the agency that funded these experiments put a stop to the operation. Nobody was supposed to find out that the CIA had taken American citizens into a brothel and drugged them without their consent.

Can you imagine being drugged by the government without consenting? What if it were happening on a daily basis and we're all un-aware?

More information like this can be found on the new truth platform Unify, by clicking here.

These experiments affected hundreds of individuals, and the results that came from these individuals were destroyed by the CIA and never released. If their experiments didn't conclude important information regarding mind-control then why would they destroy all of the data?

Wayne Ritchie, a deputy U.S. Marshal, unknowingly drank an LSD-contaminated beverage at a Christmas party. He then attempted to rob a bar at gunpoint, according to a haunting account at S.F. Weekly. He then resigned from the Marshals Service but avoided jail...

How does a person avoid jail after trying to rob a bar at gunpoint?

The substance must have been extremely strong in order for him to be excused. He must have not known what he was doing at all -and yet, the CIA was aware of how this drug could affect people but continued to fund operations that would drug un-willing participants.

There were real human victims as a result of these programs, including one death and numerous people suffering permanent mental and psychological degradation.

A citizen that lived in the Bay Area writes:

''I lived in the Bay Area from the 60’s onward, and much of the culture and arts’ scenes in and around San Francisco and up into the redwoods was due, in fact, to government-sponsored experiments... how much of the early free-thinking days of Silicon Valley was also due to government interference in drug consuming habits of the populace?''

The main question is; did these operations really stop, or did the CIA just get better at hiding their experiments?

Click here to learn more.

We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.


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Ryushin Malone
Ryushin Malone
Aug 07, 2022

Look into CIA PROJECT ORION... Look into

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