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They hid the truth about Nikola Tesla

The greatest, smartest, and gifted man of the 19th and 20th century - Nikola Tesla.

The world would fail to exist without this man.

Everything from cars to mobile phones rest on the shoulders of the 300 patents that

Nikola owned throughout his life.

But, why is no attention given to the father of the technological era?

The education system has not educated us or our children about the most important people of our history. Why have they failed to give us information on the man that paved the way for our evolution into the technological era?

It almost feels like they don't want people to know too much about Tesla...

Let's take a small example; tobacco. From the 1930's to 1940's doctors alleged

that tobacco and cigarettes were healthy. The world agreed with this, and diners were

filled with smoke. Tesla, however, announced that people would die from tobacco.

It makes sense that they would silence Nikola on this; why would they allow the

greatest physicist to have ever existed publicize the toxicity of

tobacco and ruin a multi-million dollar industry?

More people smoke = more people get sick = more money for big-pharma.

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Putting aside tobacco... what about time travel?

You would be considered drunk if you were to announce worm holes

and portals back in the 1940's. Yet now, physicists worldwide agree to the existence of these

quantum tunnels through space-time.

John Jacob Astor was Nikola Tesla's most wealthy and generous investor.

Tesla used John's funds for his Colorado Springs experiments. Here, Nikola experimented with wireless power transmission. Mr Astor, among many other high profile figures,

then died aboard the Titanic.

Tesla announced that he had developed a high-energy particle beam which he called a 'death ray'. Upon Tesla's death, the US Government's office of Alien Property raided his hotel room and seized all of Tesla's documents, inventions, and files. 73 years later, the FBI declassified some documents (why 73 years later? Why did it take so long?).

After Tesla's passing, Dr. John G. Trump (the uncle of president Donald J. Trump) also commented on Tesla's work saying that there was nothing of significant value to be looked at, and diverted the public eye away from Tesla.

The greatest physicist to have ever lived - the father of modern technology - and the pioneer of our entire eco-system had nothing significant of value in his personal files?

It was so insignificant that the US Government confiscated his papers so that nobody could have access to Nikola's work. It definitely sounds like they're hiding something...

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We the people.


Journalist at NVTV.


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Great Article! So True. But I think Trump's Uncle will be exonerated regarding his comments about Tela's Work. More to the story I bet! Keep up the good work. Very interesting and thought provoking sir!

Me gusta
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