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Whistleblower: Ritual Child Abuse

The below is an account from a Trauma Therapist who wishes to share her client’s stories anonymously. We will catch up with this individual over the course of the next few weeks to get more information regarding her clients’ experiences:

“Almost 10 years ago I began to fully understand the extent of ritual child abuse upon meeting a middle-aged woman who attended my practice.  

As a trauma therapist, many details (including names) are disclosed to me. Much of the information shared with me would be difficult for many to believe. The trauma of many of my clients doesn’t bear thinking about for most people. 

Many of my clients have been exposed to satanic child abuse and pedophilia. I am a trauma specialist, working with clients from Australia and have been healing trauma for most of my working life. 

A female client of mine shared her life history of trauma with me going back to when she was a child.  

Having scattered memories, she couldn’t recall the whole picture but what she did recall involved ongoing ritual abuse by her father and doctors that appeared to be a part of a pedo ring and/or cult. For many years (until approx age 45yrs) my client had dissociated her memories but a trigger event brought many of them back for her.

This client opened a door for me. Having exited from a Govt role myself I was aware of the coercion and manipulation of the system and, having myself been through Family Court after a very nasty divorce I knew how deep the filth could run. 

Over the last ten years many more clients have shared their stories with me. Stories of the Catholic Church, institutions including child protection and orphanages (both here and overseas). 

My heart is in their healing and this healing cannot commence until these brave victims feel heard and held in a safe way.

There is so much wisdom and suffering that I have been witness to via my clients.  When I can, I share elements of their stories…. For them and also for the children that come after.”

If you know any information and want to expose what you know anonymously, please use the “contact us” page by clicking here.

We will follow up with this Trauma Therapist and get more information regarding the Satanic Rituals of these individuals - and what it was like knowing this information but not being able to fight back.



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